Crabbé and Dens overtake compatriots in U23 AVS Cup


On the second day of the U23 AVS Cup, Belgian duo Tom Crabbé/Stan Dens have taken the lead. Their lead over Italians Niccolo Galli and Mattia Pinazzi is nine points.

The first points race of the day was a victory for Brit Matthew Brennan, but Crabbé gathered five points with third place. His mate added another ten points in the second points race thanks to reaching first place.

In the final track round, Crabbé and Dens also collected points with a fourth place. Good for a day total of 19 points and first place. Victory in the track round went to duo Arthur Senrame/Renzo Raes (8.992). Together with Italians Galli and Pinazzi, they were the only ones in the U23 AVS Cup to drop below the nine-second mark.

After two days, Crabbé and Dens have a total of 29 points, giving them a nice nine-point lead over Italians Galli and Pinazzi. Michiel L’Eau and Lennert Bertels, the leaders after the first day, gathered only four points and drop to third place with a total of 19 points.

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