Gianluca Pollefliet and Noah Vandenbranden Maintain Their Lead in Toekomstzesdaagse

thumbnail_Gianluca POLLEFLIET 08

Belgian duo Noah Vandenbranden and Gianluca Pollefliet have maintained their lead in the Future Six Days after the second night. They have already collected 47 points. French tandem Clément Petit and Nicolas Hamon follow in second place with 26 points. The Netherlands’ Yanne Dorenbos and Noël Luijten (19 points) have had to give way to Brits Noah Hobbs and Joshua Tarling (20 points) who are now in third position. Belgians Jasper Bertels and Inias Leten have dropped down to sixth place.

Pollefliet took the upper hand in the first points race as he had also done on the opening night of the Future Six Days. He left Hamon and Dorenbos behind him. Tarling was the strongest in the second points race. Italian Davide Boscaro claimed second place, ahead of Petit. Vandenbranden and Pollefliet again stopped the clock with the best time for the track lap. However, it wasn’t good enough for a new record. “We applied a different strategy, this time Noah relieved me and I rode the track lap”, says Pollefliet.

“That switch worked really well and it meant that I could go full speed ahead immediately. I managed to build up a nice pace but apparently I was not as fast as Noah yesterday. We did manage to win this event.” “I finished the points race with a not very good feeling, even though I had won it. That’s why we made the switch”, adds Vandenbranden. “At least, we continue in the leader’s position. Better still, we have increased our lead.”

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