Degrendele Betters Own Track Records


The spectators at the packed Kuipke also took delight in a number of speedy women attempting to break the track record on Sunday. Nicky Degrendele improved her own track records in the track lap and 500-metre flying start.

Nicky Degrendele, Julie Nicolaes and Valerie Jenaer each got one record attempt in the individual track lap (with flying start) and in the 500 metres (also with flying start).

9.956 was the time to beat in the track lap. That record dated back to 2017 and was held by Degrendele. Both Jenaer (9.877) and Nicolaes (9.730) rode faster than that top time from six years ago, but Degrendele did even better. Her new record time now stands at 9.666.

Later in the afternoon, the record in the 500 metres was also shattered. Jenaer (31.545) and Nicolaes (31.709) found that Degrendele’s 30.257 from 2021 was a tough nut to crack, but Degrendele herself managed to do better than two years ago. 30.020 is her new record time.

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