Belgian – Italian stand-off in U23 AVS CUP


After the first day of the U23 AVS Cup, Belgian duo Michiel L’Eau/Lennert Bertels are in the lead, but their lead over Italians Niccolo Galli and Mattia Pinazzi is extremely fragile.

In the first points race of the day, L’Eau took third place, good for five points. Lennert Bertels then grabbed the full 10 points in the second points race. In the concluding time trial (track lap), L’Eau and Bertels failed to score coming in tenth place. But their overall score of 15 points was just enough to keep the Italians at bay.

Niccolo Galli failed to score in the first points race ending in ninth place. But the Italians did score in the second points race, with Mattia Pinazzi’s fourth place earning them 4 points. In the final trial – the track round – Galli and Pinazzi were lords and masters, good for 10 points. 14 points in total.

Third place, with 10 points, was shared by Belgian team Tom Crabbe/Stan Dens and Swiss team Fabian Weiss/Damien Fortis. Weiss was the winner of the first points race.

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