De Ketele/Ghys: ‘Won thanks to our technique and experience’


The final day of the 79th Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent delivered an absolute thriller. Victors Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys analyse their winning performance.

“We felt we started strong in the final madison, but it was hard to get everything to fall our way,” said De Ketele. “I don’t remember such a big numbers of laps being taken in Ghent. That costs energy and it’s a sign that all the top teams were evenly matched. We won thanks to our technique and experience, even though Jasper De Buyst and Tosh Van der Sande were going exceptionally well. It’s nice to win with a one-lap lead, but winning like this – by a handful of points – is still more special.”

Robbe Ghys enjoyed his maiden Ghent triumph. “This is my first win in the Ghent Six Days,” Ghys said. “I definitely have to thank Kenny. Collectively we were very strong, but there were other duos who excelled as well. They made it seriously hard for us, but we still managed to achieve our goal.”

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